Sensual x Intimacy

Sensual x Intimacy

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You x Divine Feminine

Candle: You need some me time, some him time, or a little bit of her time. Light this candle and dive into the essence of feeling love. Pin curls, low lights, soft skin, comfy sheets, after a grand spiritual bath will put anyone to sleep. ; ) 

Oils: Venus is the Roman Goddess, whose functions embodied love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity, & victory. Venus oil is made during the planetary hours of Venus, or on a Friday which is the day of Venus. Herbs included are to appease her, but also draw on the power of the planet. This candle includes hints of Road Opener, Universal Love, and Venus oil. All oils provided by Alex of Sage. Moons. Wisdom.

Essentials: Cassia. Almond. Lotus. Amber. Pennyroyal. Eucalyptus.