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Extensions on Individual Assignments due to Symptom Flareup

Extension on individual assignments (except final course papers or graded exams) during times of symptom flareups in consultation with professor based on design of course means there may be times when a student has a flare-up of symptoms of a disability and is not able to complete an individual assignment by the due date.

Extensions on group assignments are not reasonable given the impact on the group and class timelines.

Extensions on assignments are different than an incomplete in a course. Extensions must be resolved as outlined in the accommodation letter. The professor, student, and the registrar's office should work together to determine when and if an incomplete is necessary.

The parameters of this accommodation need to be worked out on an individual basis between the professor and student, based on the structure and requirements of the class. This accommodation depends upon a partnership between the student and professor. OSA is always available to facilitate or advise.

To make sure there is mutual understanding of expectations of this accommodation, we urge each professor and the student to discuss the following (though there may be other questions more specific to your course):

  • How do individual assignments impact the timing of class assignments? For example, are assignments scaffolded or stand alone?
  • Should the student submit unfinished work on the due date or wait until completed?
  • How and when should the professor be notified when the student is having a flare-up? What are the expectations of communication?

Please know we are here to support you both in providing access and maintaining the integrity of the course. We would also ask that the professor speak directly with the student.