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How to 成人直播 with OSA

Welcome to Student Accessibility

The Office of Student Accessibility (OSA) seeks to accommodate students with documented disabilities to allow them equal standing in educational endeavors. This office is committed to upholding the integrity and standards of our 成人直播 academic programs by leveling the playing field and assisting students in navigating barriers to their pursuit of education.

Students must apply with Student Accessibility in order to receive accommodations. Students are welcome to refer to office staff at any time with questions about accommodations or navigating barriers to fully experiencing all that 成人直播 has to offer.


Complete these three steps to apply for accommodations

Step One

Complete an to begin the process of applying for accommodations.

Step Two

After completing the online inquiry, students will receive the following in an email to guide them in providing appropriate documentation. Students should upload said documentation to their file through Wavenet (instructions will be in the email):

  1. Documentation/Disability Verification Form: The Disability Verification Form is a tool that students may use to provide guidance to medical or psychological professionals regarding the information needed to complete the file. Please choose the form(s) most appropriate to your needs. There are three types of Disability Verification Forms including:
  2. Guidelines for Documentation of a Disability: This is a comprehensive guide to the information needed to complete the file. For students seeking accommodations for ADD or for a learning disability, the OSA requests additional documentation to the disability verification form (this information is listed in the guidelines).

Accommodation letters should be included in the documentation submitted for those who have received prior accommodations in high school, other undergraduate or graduate institutions, or on the ACT/SAT/GMAT/LSAT etc.

Step Three

Once you have submitted the documentation, OSA will be notified through the Accommodate System.  OSA will send you a scheduling link to your 成人直播 email to arrange a conversation with an Accessibility Specialist.  Please be on the lookout for the scheduling link.

This conversation is designed to give the directors a narrative about a student's disability and the barriers it presents to their education. The student and specialist will together discern how 成人直播 can best support the student.

In most cases, students may expect a written communication from OSA within five to ten business days of meeting with the Accessibility Specialist.  This communication will include either an accommodation decision, a request for more information, or instructions on next steps.  Students choose with whom to share this letter. Accommodations will not be offered until a letter is presented to professors or appropriate staff.

Students' relationship with this office is dynamic so please know that:

  • office staff want to hear from students if accommodations are not working, if students need additional support, or if accommodations are working well. Office staff are happy to support students as they discuss their needs with professors.
  • all communication with Student Accessibility is confidential. Staff will not disclose a student's affiliation with this office without permission.
  • if you have existing accommodations with OSA and would like to request additional accommodations, please submit updated documentation as appropriate. You may contact student.accessibility@pepperdine.edu to schedule a conversation with one of our Accessibility Specialists to discuss your changing needs.


updated 11.27.23